Madame Agnes 1937 Zipper Hat.

Madame Agnes Millinery zipper hat. Illustration from Woman’s Home Companion October 1937 “Taken from the French” article. Scan by Toile La La.

Appearing in Woman’s Home Companion of October 1937, this hat is described by  Marjorie Howard in an article “Taken from the French”:  “…intended primarily for October weekends when you travel in a car and must curtail your luggage… a long curved strip of felt with metal slide fastenings artfully disposed along the edges. You begin at the top, slip one end of the fastening into the other and wind spirally till your hat emerges, crown, brim, and all. And it really works for I have tried it. To pack you unzip and roll the strip into a ball.” Howard continues to say she’s not sure a home-milliner could “succeed” in creating her own zipper hat as “it is pretty tricky to cut. Agnes told me that it took her three weeks of experimentation to work it out properly. The curve has to be as accurate as in an engineer’s working model.” Fascinating!

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