Schiap’s Caps: Out of the Box, Ready to Amuse.

Images of Elsa Schiaparelli’s hats always entertain me.  The magnitude of the variety of her workshop’s millinery designs is very impressive.

My favorite Schiaparelli hat, by far, is the Hen in a Nest or sitting hen hat.  I wonder if it might have been inspired by the silhouette of military side caps…, but however Schiaparelli hatched the idea – a chicken hat, perched on the head, is unmistakably playful.

Eric fashion illustration of Elsa Schiaparelli Hen in a Nest hat.

The Shoe hat, Salvador Dali-imagined (and Schiaparelli-produced), seems to me “old hat” perhaps because it appears frequently in our modern media – with a reputation of being one of Elsa Schiaparelli’s more outrageous designs.

Gala Dali (right) in the Dali-Schiaparelli Shoe hat.

Despite its quirky charm, I doubt the Shoe or slipper hat would facilitate standing on one’s head.

Leave comments about your favorite Schiaparelli hat.

For a by-no-means-complete (but a good start all the same) review of Schiap’s caps, see this link at Toile La La, with images and descriptions of Elsa Schiaparelli millinery.



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